Frequently asked questions

Our F.A.Q. provides answers to questions we are often asked. With it, you should be able to find answers to the questions you are wondering about the operation of our platform, its general conditions for use and what it could offer you.

Reply: A CPA network is an affiliation platform designed to connect advertisers who wish to advertise offers to acquire qualified prospects with editors whose job it is to generate the audience that will be the basis for your collection of qualified prospects. The CPA network is set up as an intermediary, a confidential third party, whose purpose is to preserve a profitable balance for both parties. In general, a CPA network compensates the traffic to the publishers and as a result invoices the advertisers on the basis of CPL (cost per lead). The CPL is most often associated with registration on the advertiser’s service. There are other forms of compensation, but they are not as usual.
Reply: Most CPA networks on the market have industrialized their management processes in order to manage a maximum number of editors, and sometimes also a maximum number of advertisers. Our approach is different in that the number of our offers is exclusive, but we also seek to limit the number of our partners so that we keep only those with which we can start up profitable opportunities, ones that are balanced and far-sighted. So that we may be able to deliver a level of service that can’t be beat, we must be available and so we cannot expand the numbers of our partners very much.
Reply: In order to become an editor on our platform, all you have to do is follow the registration process. Once the registration process is complete, wait a maximum of 48 business hours for a manager to get back to you. After your application has been analyzed, it may or may not activate your access to the platform. Please note that our platform is not automatically accessible to all editors who go to it because we have a strong filter and we drastically limit our number of partners.
Reply: To become an advertiser on our platform, we must contact you. Send as much information as possible on the product that you wish to market, as well as information about your company. If applicable, give us access to the product in question so that we can visit it.And finally, give us a compensation proposal that you would be in a position to propose, as well as your monthly acquisition budget.
Reply: The editors are paid at 30 days end of month. For example, gains generated by an editor on our platform from January 1st to 31st will be paid to him/her at the latest on February 28th. To receive payment, the editor must have generated a minimum of 500 Euros before taxes in turnaround over the period. If his/her gains are less than this amount, his/her gains will be added to the following period, and so on until the payment threshold has been reached. Please note that if an editor does not generate a minimum of 500 Euros before taxes over a period of 4 consecutive months, we will allow ourselves the possibility of paying off and then closing the account. Specific conditions for payment may be negotiated on a case by case basis for some of our partners.
Reply: Advertisers must define a budget and prepay this budget in full. Once the budget has been used up, they must recredit their account so that their acquisition campaigns may continue to be broadcast. In some cases, we offer payment options or lines of credit to some announcers, but that requires analysis on a case by case basis that depends primarily on the partner’s history and that of the country in which they are located.
Reply: The editors may be paid by free bank transfer in the S€PA and by transfer with fees to be paid by them outside of the S€PA zone. We also offer the possibility of a payment in BTC with fees of 5%. The exchange rate applied for a payment in BTC is the exchange rate applicable at the time when the payment is processed by your partner. In some cases, we can also propose payment of turnover in the main world currencies at preferred rates.
Reply: Advertisers may pay for their acquisition campaigns by bank transfer in Euros or USD, and any associated fees will be their responsibility. We also offer the possibility of a payment of your BTC acquisition campaigns with fees of 5%. The exchange rate applied for a payment in BTC is the exchange rate applicable at the time when the payment is received by our partner. We also accept payments in the main world currencies at preferred rates (contact us).
Reply: We do not propose any sponsorship programs but we will remain available to assist with any future proposals for partnerships that could be profitable. If you have a network of potential partners at your disposal, if you wish to join our team, you can also send us your most recent CV.We are always looking for talented people to join our team.
Reply: If you do not have a site and you generate your audience with other means, you will have the option to present your activity to the person who will contact you after you have registered. Always be as clear and transparent as possible so that we can analyze your application as efficiently as possible. We will systematically refuse any applications that appear to be unclear, inexperienced or bizarre.
Reply: In order to compensate our partners for their loyalty, we have made a loyalty boutique available to them. This boutique is not automatically accessible when you have an active account on our platform; you must ask your account manager for it. He/she will then contact you to define the goals that will help you get one of the many gifts that we offer to our most active and loyal partners.
Reply: If your account has been suspended, it is because we have detected suspicious activity. You may contact us for explanations. Please note that in case of fraud, your gains will be frozen. In case of proven fraud, we leave you the option of taking legal action. There are however other reasons to suspend an account. One such case would be when an account does not generate any revenue or revenue less than 500 € before taxes over a period of 4 consecutive months. Our platform is designed only for active partners who generate significant audience numbers, regularly and consistently.