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RYD exclusive brands

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RYD provides direct offers from those who create them. With RYD, you can access many exclusive offers without any intermediary. This way, you’ll have the guarantee of the best payout for your audience and direct access to data about the offers that you choose to promote.

RYD by Be Web SA

The reliable swiss company has your back

The Be Web SA team is very experienced in digital marketing. The company has had a market presence by its founder since 1998, and the company's management team has been working in performance-based digital marketing for many years and on many verticals, adapting and evolving to the many changes in the market through the years.



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Who are we?

Our group publishes hundreds of products on many verticals, that are available in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Austria and the United Kingdom.

What do we do ?

We offer direct access to our in-house offers, but that’s not all! Our rich and broad business expertise will also help publishers to overcome certain difficulties and we'll support them until their dreams of success become reality.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for business partners who, like us, are aiming for long, fair and profitable partnerships and not just one-hit opportunities.

RYD for affiliates

Let's make your dreams come true together

We share our experience with our affiliates to make them be successful. Because we know our own offers well, we are able to adapt them to the specific needs of each affiliate within a short period of time. We offer a precise and innovative approach to creating a long and trustworthy partnership.


To become an affiliate

We understand your needs

Because we've also been affiliates for over 20 years…

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Many exclusive offers

Access many exclusive and direct offers

The highest payouts

We guarantee you’ll get the highest turnarounds possible for the quality of your traffic

Optimized smartlinks

Take advantage of our expertise and our optimizations with our niched smartlinks

Reliable and transparent tracking

We chose the “Has Offers” technology and upgraded it with customized functions

Loyalty program

We reward our long-term partners by offering them gifts to thank them for their loyalty!

Original promotional tools

Access our one-of-a-kind promo tools; you won't find them anywhere else

RYD for advertisers

Earn more, spend wiser and less

Because we know how difficult it can be for an advertiser to manage his offer, its marketing and its acquisition of an audience on a daily basis, while at the same time maintaining good profitability, we can offer you more than just a simple CPA Network. Entrust us with the exclusive management of your offers and we will set up monitoring tools that will guarantee the profitability of your lead acquisition.


To become advertiser

We understand your needs

Because we've also been advertisers for over 20 years…

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A clear approach

Getting clear and understandable data is very important for an advertiser and we know it

Internal traffic

Get access to our internal traffic; you won't find it anywhere else

A reliable platform

We decided to choose Has Offer's technology, trusted worldwide, for our tracking

A broad range of expertise

We won't help you the way a simple CPA Network would do... we'll share with you our wide and rich expertise

For a long-term partnership

We're not interested in one-time hits; we’re interested in creating long-term business relationships

Qualified leads and ROI

Our aim is to provide you with highly-qualified leads for a guaranteed high ROI

RYD contact

Do you have dreams? We can realize them!

Do not hesitate to contact us to let us know what your needs are. If we are able to offer you solutions, our team of experts will show you the tools and services that we can offer you. Our expertise is much broader than the simple affiliate's marketing. It extends from the design of a project, through all the steps of its realization, to its setup and its growth.

Address :

Rue de la Combe 17, 1260 Nyon, Switzerland


Phone number

+41 22 361 41 52

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Don't hesitate to contact us!